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Llama wool

Lama Wolle
Fair fashion and tradition from the Andes, in close proximity to nature and particularly gentle on the skin and the earth.

Llama wool is a natural and wild fiber that is part of the camelid family, it comes from La Puna, Jujuy, Argentina.

The llamas come from South America and grow up freely in Argentina. These animals are used to living in high, cold and dry areas. The llamas are kept in a species-appropriate manner in the wild by producers from the Andes.
Generally, shearing of llamas is done manually using special scissors, although there are still places in South America where more primitive methods of shearing are used. The animals are only sheared by specialists in their area who enable these traditional techniques. Shearing usually takes about 20 minutes per animal and the animals are usually sheared every two years. In contrast to mechanical shearing, the animal is sheared gently, also because the hair does not remain too short and would otherwise no longer provide sufficient protection for the animal against temperature fluctuations, precipitation, etc. at this altitude in the Andes. In this way we ensure the animal's welfare.

Llama wool

Warm – fluffy – durable – anti-allergic – breathable – ecological

Llama wool is a natural, sustainable and traditional fiber that transfers heat, is light, fluffy and durable. It is valued worldwide as a luxury fiber due to its origin, its properties, its traceability in the production process and its timelessness, which its products pass on from generation to generation.
It is also characterized by its special properties: Llama wool consists of natural proteins with very low lanolin and fat content, making it hypoallergenic. This fiber is durable, water-repellent and has excellent insulation properties and also has a temperature-balancing effect. In addition, the natural llama wool has an antibacterial effect, meaning that bacteria cannot multiply on its surface and die. Finally, llama fiber is biodegradable.
Our supplier is a certified company
“B Corp”, which in turn works with the renowned Warmi Sayajsunqo Association, which operates in the Puna communities of northwest Argentina, where the llamas are raised by producers with scarce economic and natural resources. The producers' llama fibers are purchased directly by the association under fair trade conditions and the profits from the textiles sold are used by the community to finance health, resource management, crafts and education projects.
We also cooperate with a community of artisans from Argentina. They develop their products from local resources, with sustainable practices and in a traditional environment. They use a variety of techniques ranging from hand spinning to loom weaving to knitting. This traditional craftsmanship is complemented by the use of natural colors and elements of nature: wood, seeds, plants and herbs. This creates unique accessories!