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51 Mimilus Blanket
51 Mimilus Blanket
51 Mimilus Blanket
51 Mimilus Blanket
51 Mimilus Blanket
51 Mimilus Blanket

51 Mimilus Blanket

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This blanket is a sustainable luxury garment that combines the exquisiteness of Suri alpaca and Merino wool, offering exceptional softness and premium quality. What makes this blanket even more exclusive is the use of the natural colors of the alpaca fiber Suri, undyed. This aspect not only highlights the authentic beauty of the fiber, but also makes it an environmentally friendly and more durable product.

"Sustainable Luxury Suri Alpaca Blanket: Softness and Premium Handcrafted Quality"

Each blanket is handwoven in Peru, using artisanal techniques that respect and value fair and sustainable work. Peruvian artisans use ancestral knowledge to create unique pieces, ensuring products of high quality and durability. By purchasing this blanket, you wrap yourself in sustainable luxury and comfort, while supporting local communities and promoting ethical and responsible practices in the textile industry.

Anti-allergic - Warm - Soft - Breathable – Dirt-repellent

Meticulously crafted from Suri alpaca fiber and Merino wool, this blanket ensures maximum softness and quality. Merino wool is known for being one of the finest and softest natural fibers in the world. In addition to its softness, Merino wool is highly breathable and temperature regulating, making it the perfect partner for Suri alpaca fiber. Together, these fibers maintain thermal balance, keeping you warm in cold weather and cool when it's hot. Both fibers are hypoallergenic, ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

The Suri alpaca, one of two recognized alpaca breeds, is famous for its extremely soft and shiny fiber. Unlike the Huacaya alpaca, the fiber of the Suri alpaca falls in long silky strands, similar to human hair, giving it a luxurious appearance and an incomparable silky touch.

75% Suri Alpaca 25% Merino Wool

Tip: It is better to ventilate once more than to wash. Alpaca is naturally dirt-repellent and self-cleaning to some extent. Simply leave this product outdoors overnight. This allows the fibers to regain their natural moisture.

Hand wash:
This is the recommended method for washing our alpaca products. It is important to remember that wool can shrink when the temperature changes underwater, so we recommend using room temperature water and white or delicate curd soap (preferably organic).
Of course, if you want, you can also use professional cleaning.

Remove excess water, but avoid excessive shaking, folding or wrinkling. We do not recommend the use of dryers. The best option is to let the product rest on a towel and bed (to avoid deformation) and then let it dry in a dry environment or outdoors, but away from direct sunlight. Be sure to stretch garments by hand to reduce wrinkles.

It is important to ensure that the garment is completely dry before storing it and that it is also protected from moths. Dried lavender packets can be helpful. We do not recommend the use of mothballs.

  • 0 - 130 - 180cm