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32 Agave Gloves
32 Agave Gloves
32 Agave Gloves
32 Agave Gloves

32 Agave Gloves

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Our fingerless hand warmer with a soft texture will give you enough warmth to get you through the day. Quality and warmth are the hallmarks of this artisanal product.

At TASHAY, the relationship with nature and animals is very important.

Tashay was founded on the principles of respect for indigenous people, animals, nature and exceptional design. Our suppliers are selected based on their work philosophy. We cooperate with certified companies and artisans, where workers, the community and the environment are considered in the decision-making process.

Anti-allergic – Warm – Soft – Breathable

Our soft textured gloves provide you with enough warmth to get you through the day. In addition, alpaca fiber is ideal for winter as it has a very soft touch. Other special characteristics of this precious fiber are hypoallergenic, warm, fluffy, it has excellent insulating properties and also has a temperature-regulating effect.

100% baby alpaca

Tip: It is better to ventilate once more than to wash. Baby Alpaca is naturally dirt-repellent and self-cleaning to some extent. Simply leave this product outdoors overnight. This allows the fibers to regain their natural moisture.

Hand wash:
This is the recommended method for washing our baby alpaca products. It is important to remember that wool can shrink when the temperature changes underwater, so we recommend using room temperature water and white or delicate curd soap (preferably organic).

Remove excess water, but avoid excessive shaking, folding or wrinkling. We do not recommend the use of dryers. The best option is to let the product rest on a towel and bed (to avoid deformation) and then let it dry in a dry environment or outdoors, but away from direct sunlight. Be sure to stretch garments by hand to reduce wrinkles.

It is important to ensure that the garment is completely dry before storing it and that it is also protected from moths. Dried lavender packets can be helpful. We do not recommend the use of mothballs.

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