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34 Honeysuckle Hat
34 Honeysuckle Hat
34 Honeysuckle Hat
34 Honeysuckle Hat
34 Honeysuckle Hat
34 Honeysuckle Hat

34 Honeysuckle Hat

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The ribbed structure hat made of the best combination of baby llama, merino wool and viscose (made from bamboo pulp) in natural clay will keep you warm on the coldest winter days. It has several uses, whether raising your fist (once or twice) or folding the envelope, giving your classic look an urban-cool and modern touch.

Exclusivity made with the best natural fibers from the Andes

The llamas come from the mountain valleys of the Andes in Argentina up to an altitude of about 4000 m and the Merino sheep come from one of the most prominent sheep breeding areas in the world: Patagonia. Both animals grow freely and are only sheared manually by specialists. These animals are used to living in high, cold and dry areas and are kept by small producers and farmers. As a result, they are prized for their fiber, which is considered one of the finest and noblest in the world.

Baby Llama has a unique fiber quality that comes from the shearing of the youngest animal. The "weeding" process to obtain a fine fiber is very complex.

Our hat is based on the natural colors of the fiber and is produced without chemical processes to keep pollutants low for people and the environment.

Warm - Soft - Breathable - High quality

Our hat is characterized by its softness and at the same time its warmth. Thanks to its insulating capacity, it warms in winter and is odorless all day long. Finally, due to its unique fiber structure, baby llama and merino wool have self-cleaning properties, so it does not need to be washed frequently. The dyes used are the original colors of the wool, without chemical dyeing; This also increases the quality of our products by making them last even longer and are especially skin-friendly.


Baby Llama 50% Sheep Wool 30% Viscose 20%

It is better to ventilate once more than to wash. Simply leave this product outdoors overnight. This allows the fibers to regain their natural moisture.

Hand wash:
It is important to remember that wool can shrink under water when the temperature changes, so we recommend using room temperature water and white or delicate curd soap (preferably organic).

It is best to let the product rest on a towel and bed to avoid deformation and then let it dry in a dry environment or outdoors, but away from direct sunlight.

It is important to ensure that the product is completely dry before storing and that it is also protected from moths. Dried lavender packets can be helpful. We do not recommend the use of mothballs.

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